Kate Beckinsale in a crop top and ripped jeans humorously welcomes the New Year

Kate Beckinsale welcomed the New Year in style and with her typical humorous commentary. On Thursday, Beckinsale addressed 2023 with a series of photos shot in her home.

For the photos, she wore a pair of denim blue jeans with a few subtle tears in the thighs and legs. She paired her jeans with a flannel shirt that was half pink and half brown.

Over the multi-colored flannel shirt, she wore a long-sleeve crop top with the initials “F.M.L.” plastered on the front. The bottom of her flannel shirt poked out from underneath the crop top, as did the shirt’s collar.

Meanwhile, she further added to her look with a thin belt and a big black bow in her hair. She also added a pair of black combat boots with very thick platform heels.

The outfit came together and worked well for Beckinsale, as it showed off her toned frame. Her hair was pulled back from her face with the dark bow, and a small pair of dangle earrings could be seen in her ears.

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In one photo, she posed with a hand on her hip while leaning against the wall and looking off to the side. In the second one, she posed with both hands raised in the air in front of some floor-to-ceiling windows.

Kate Beckinsale showed off her humor with New Year comment

Beckinsale has been known to pair her photos with hilarious captions, and she didn’t disappoint with this one. In the caption, she noted the FML letters on her shirt, which is an abbreviation for “F**k my life.”

She conceded that January was a little early to already be thinking with an FML mindset. However, she humorously shrugged it off and declared that she might as well embrace it.

Beckinsale has been on a roll lately with her cheeky and hilarious Instagram photos. Just hours after her FML post, she shared a picture of her Pomeranian dog Myf and showed that she had put googly eyes on his bum to make it look like a face.

In the caption, she wrote, “I have accidentally peaked, amusing myself wise. It’s downhill from here.”

Beckinsale isn’t above using bums and farts as part of her humor. For Thanksgiving, she demonstrated to her followers her English tradition of “bum in the face” on one of her unsuspecting friends.

She has over 5.5 million Instagram followers, and it’s not hard to see why when her content is rarely dull.

Beckinsale is a partner with MRVL Skin Solutions

Beckinsale’s large Instagram following has made her a strong candidate for brand deals. Recently, she became the face and spokesperson for MRVL Skin Solutions.

She first announced her partnership with the brand in August of 2021. The company is an anti-aging skincare line that garnered Beckinsale’s interest with its science and ingredients.

Beckinsale has been a partner with the company since the beginning, announcing her partnership before the line even officially launched. She said of her partnership, “I’m so very proud and excited to be working with MRVL Skin. Effective skincare is what all women want at any age.”

Beckinsale and the company swear by one very unique ingredient, Blue Scorpion Peptide. According to them, Blue Scorpions possess a peptide in their venom that offers very transformative anti-aging results.

Blue Scorpion venom is the most expensive liquid in the world, making MRVL Skin Solutions pricey and luxurious. However, Beckinsale’s support and the unique ingredients make MRVL intriguing to consumers.

At age 49, Beckinsale has glowing, youthful skin that is bound to further interest consumers in the skincare brand she represents.

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