MRVL® Skin Solutions leads with healing venom

Throughout history, the term “scorpion” has meant defender and intense protector, and if you ever dated a Scorpio, you know that to be true. This ancient myth has been present in all civilizations symbolizing the unity of life and death, strength, serenity, and dignity. Blue Scorpion Peptide (BSP™) is the foundation of the MRVL® Skin Solutions’ products and known to stimulate collagen production and support skin rejuvenation. It has also been clinically proven to reduce the signs of aging and provide a healthy, youthful glow. MRVL’s product line symbolizes a defense of your youth and protector of your natural beauty.

Blue scorpion venom is widely known as the most expensive venom in the world. It has been studied and used for decades in medical research for cancer, arthritis, and other diseases. This research brought to light the extensive combination of amino acids, peptides, proteins, antioxidants, and other compounds essential to anti-aging and maintaining one’s youth. As a result, MRVL Skin Solutions decided to introduce this revolutionary ingredient to the luxury skincare and spa market.

Product creator Rick Langley is an entrepreneur and philanthropist known as @scorpion.rick. He has adopted a business philosophy of social responsibility and is the founder of Today’s Promise, a nonprofit charity that aids impoverished children in the Caribbean. Langley is also the founder of the world’s largest blue scorpion farm and state-of-the-art laboratory.

Langley developed a passion for health and beauty and had the vision to create this proprietary product line infused with the BSP. MRVL Skin Solutions gives 5 percent of every purchase to support Today’s Promise.

HL: How is the venom extracted?

RL: The venom is carefully extracted in a harmless process by gently handling and milking each scorpion every 21 days.

HL: Are the scorpions ever harmed during or after this process?

RL: The scorpions are not harmed during or after the process. We use highly scientific and modern technology to extract and purify the venom to create our proprietary Blue Scorpion Peptide.

HL: Is blue scorpion venom safe to use in skincare?

RL: Yes, all products that contain Blue Scorpion Peptide are 100 percent safe and can be used daily. Also, the blue scorpion is a non-poisonous species.

HL: Does the MRVL Group of Companies or MRVL Skin Solutions test on animals?

RL: No, we do not test on animals.

HL: What differentiates MRVL Skin Solutions from other products in today’s market?

RL: After years of research, MRVL Skin Solutions has discovered the Blue Scorpion Peptide, a combination of amino acids, proteins, enzymes, and antioxidants. This breakthrough proprietary peptide is being introduced for the first time in luxury skincare. Our products are formulated with powerful active ingredients that deliver transformative anti-aging results.

HL: Why is the venom considered to be so luxurious?

RL: The milking process is once every 21 days for each scorpion. The cost for one gallon of blue scorpion venom is $39 million—making it the most expensive liquid in the world!

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